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Certificate of Small Business 2021  Focus Group 

As the focus group involves discussion between a group of people, your responses will be known to other participants, and theirs will be known to you. We request that all participants keep the responses of others confidential, and do not share them outside of the focus group. However, please be aware that you have control over what information you share with the group. You do not need to answer any question you do not feel comfortable asking.


This focus group is part of an assessment I am completing for the Certificate in Small Business and Project Management with Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. I am required to identify each of the participants in the group, and give evidence that the focus group has been carried out. This will involve either recording the session (video or audio recording) or writing detailed notes in which you may be identified.


This information will be given to my kaiako (tutor), who may then make it available to other representatives of the organisation or the New Zealand Qualifications Authority for compliance purposes. I will not share information from the focus group with anyone other than these persons.  Please note that, by agreeing to participate in the focus group, you will be agreeing to the recording and use of information in this way. 

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